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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy time!

The erratic Vermont mountain weather is slowing improving. We have had several warm-ish and sunny days in a row. I really shouldn't be complaining-the trees, flowers and gardens are all a good 3 weeks ahead of schedule this year. Glynn and I have worn ourselves out this past week. Project #1 is finishing the replacement of the clapboard siding on the south side of the house. We've made good headway on that, but it is tiring, as it requires many trips up and down the ladder, and it is a bit nerve-wracking too, since we are now up to the 3rd story!
Project #2 is putting in a manual pump on the well, so when the power goes out (which it does on a regular basis here) we can still get water. It only took a few hours and a couple of trips to the hardware store to get the parts and install them...unfortunately it won't pump! Rather than get frustrated we stopped for the day. Last night in the middle of the night I woke up with a possible solution- the water line is longer than the depth of the well, resulting in a curve to the line, therefore the foot valve is not vertical. Could this be the reason why it won't pump? I don't know how foot valves work, but we will trim off the line and see if that helps!
Project #3-the gardens. We have made another cold frame,and now have 3. Made another raised bed and sized it so that we can lay 2 old windows right on top of it-instant frost protection/cold frame! I am going to put a cluster of raised beds near the fish pond...I had a beautiful flower garden there, but it got dug up when the water line to the house was replaced. I think it will look nice when it is done. We have continued to rack up the millions of rocks brought to the surface during the well line repair. I have realized that I really have absolutely no topsoil left in the disturbed area-and don't want to pay to have any delivered. Oh well, I hate grass anyway!
That exciting June 1st date is fast approaching-that is when it is safe (hopefully) to put in the rest of the garden!
The baby chicks we picked up on May 6th seem to be thriving. I got 3 Black Astralorps and 4 Buff Orpingtons to add to the flock. I just discovered a great idea on OneStraw.wordpress.com! A chicken moat!

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