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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome to Yankee Notion Farm! No, it's not really a farm...unless having 11 chickens, 3 cats, 1 dog, a fiance and two 20-somethings living with me counts as a farm! I have lived in the very small town of Lincoln, Vermont for about 18 years now, in a 100+ year old house right in Lincoln's quaint village. This may be one of the last places in the US where you can have livestock right in the village limits, but in deference to my neighbors I will limit myself to chickens...no pigs, cows or horses for me!
With tongue in cheek, I have called my home "Yankee Notion Farm" for many years, in memory of a wonderful place in a remote town in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where I spent every summer vacation of my life while growing up. It was a hand-made log cabin built in the 1930's by a farmer friend of the family's as a "camp". No electricity, gravity-fed spring water, an outhouse, a woodstove and a fireplace, in the middle of nowhere....a magical place where this "Jersey girl" and her family could live a simpler life for a few weeks every year. It had a deep effect on me.
I am old enough to remember the first Earth Day back in the 1970's, and am sad to say that it seems the human race seems to learn some things very slowly....the degradation of the environment is scary. Scarier still is the large majority of people who seem not to care, or who live in denial. I know that I, as a resource-consuming American, am part of the problem, and so I am trying to find as many ways possible to be part of the solution. I have joined the quiet but growing urban and suburban homesteading revolution, and am trying to live sustainably and responsibly on my little 1/2 acre homestead! I hope you will join me as I live and learn!


  1. i like this blog. I do hope you will keep up the good work and share the wisdom that you have with those who will read it.

  2. awwhh, my first fan! :) love you honey!

  3. time for an update dear whats going on with the farm.